Oh, hi there! Didn’t see you sneak in.

OK, that’s corny. Sorry.

So here I am again sitting behind my keyboard trying to figure out what the hell to say about myself. The last time I did this was for a dating site on the internet. And oh how great that turned out. But I digress.

What to say, what to say? I’m really just me: a gay man who likes to code, who likes to game who likes to take picture. I have a husband and wonderful apartment in lovely San Francisco, CA and I do love where I live although I am looking for a house instead of an apartment so if you know of anything . . .

I’m a computer programmer by day avid gamer by night.

And on we go.

I’m gonna make this easy on myself: Here are 110 things that I bet you didn’t know about me. Enjoy!

  1. I know I am gay because my equipment doesn’t function in sexual situations where women are involved.
  2. I am not a misogynist.
  3. My husband is bisexual.
  4. Every role model I’ve ever had in my life has been a woman.
  5. I am a feminist.
  6. Anne Frank is one of my heroes.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a bleeding heart liberal nor am I psychotic conservative. I sit squarely in the middle while sharing views from both ends of the spectrum.
  8. I am hard-headed and passionate; a dangerous combination.
  9. I like that my opinions more often than not contradict one another; it lends itself to self exploration and allows me to expand my mind.
  10. I like being proved wrong.
  11. I participated in a San Francisco DPH clinical trial for an HIV vaccine. I got the triple protein cocktail.
  12. I am HIV negative.
  13. I do not care what your HIV status is; positive or negative does not change who you are.
  14. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  15. Silence is not a bad thing.
  16. I believe sex is not the beginning and end of a relationship.
  17. I think sunsets are more magical than anything that can be bought.
  18. I love roses, diamonds, notes to say hi and music. Use that knowledge to your advantage.
  19. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to tell someone you love them.
  20. I think Jason Statham is hot. And so does my husband.
  21. I’ve only met two lawyers in my life that I like. The rest are pond scum.
  22. I love the Indigo Girls.
  23. I think Madonna is satan’s bitch escaped to destroy the world.
  24. I like some of Madonna’s songs.
  25. I won an amateur strip contest when I was 21.
  26. I was homeless for about six months when I was nineteen. I lived in my beat up car and bathed in park bathrooms. Snickers bars make great meals when you’re homeless.
  27. I’m a published author (but not in any big fancy way).
  28. I like animals more than people.
  29. A person is not people.
  30. When I was fifteen I had a job repairing small engines.
  31.  I dropped my first auto engine at the ripe old age of ten. I can also bleed breaks, change oil and replace exhaust systems. Or I used to be able to (damn technological advancements).
  32.  I was an abused child that the system failed.
  33.  Much to the chagrin of the religious right, I abhor underage pornography.
  34.  I think men and women who abuse children are inhuman and should have no rights.
  35.  I think death is an appropriate punishment in some circumstances.
  36.  I think parents who smoke are guilty of child abuse.
  37.  I do not believe that every criminal can be rehabilitated.
  38.  Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand are OK; but not artists I’d invest in a concert ticket to see. Especially Judy Garland. She’d be a bit pungent these days. What? Too soon?
  39.  I’m allergic to marijuana. It makes me break out in hives. It used to make me ralph, but now I just itch.
  40.  Cher is my Goddess.
  41.  I love Celine Dion.
  42.  I am no stranger to illicit substances.
  43.  I am a recovering food addict.
  44.  I don’t believe everything that’s legal is right and everything that’s illegal is wrong.
  45.  I take my martini’s dirty with Absolut and three olives.
  46.  I have low self-esteem.
  47.  I do not believe in intelligent design.
  48.  I do not believe, as religion would have me believe, that we are the twisted psychological experiment of some omnipotent super being who wants to see how we choose when given the choice between an arbitrarily determined ‘good’ and ‘evil’.
  49. I think the bible is just a book and that Stephen King is also a great writer but that we shouldn’t live out our lives according to Christine.
  50. I believe faith in religion is the sign of weak mind; a mind that cannot accept life’s unanswerable questions as absolute and instead finds explanations where none exist.
  51. I’ll fight to the death for your right to believe whatever you wish to believe.
  52. I know that not all questions can be answered by science.
  53. I believe in karma.
  54. I know that bad things happen to good people and sometime bad people have the best things happen to them. I know that’s reality and not some divine plan or intervention.
  55. I see life as a mystery filled with ordinary miracles and not something that needs to be explained at every turn.
  56. I know that I am loved.
  57. Despite everything, I still believe in love, in happiness and in the happily ever after.
  58. I think abortion is wrong.
  59. I am pro-choice.
  60. I believe families should be limited to two children or taxed on the additional instead of getting tax breaks for them.
  61. I believe kid’s problems start at home.
  62. I trust my instincts on most every aspect of my life. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.
  63. I hate capitalism.
  64. I own over 2000 DVDs.
  65. My audio collection is 1TB GB strong.
  66. I believe democracy is a fundamentally flawed form of government and never serves the best interest of the people, only the majority.
  67. I believe that people are manipulated on a daily basis yet do not have the knowledge to know they are being manipulated.
  68. I believe the federal government is just as corrupt and loathsome as any in history.
  69. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut.
  70. I watched the space shuttle fall out of the sky twice and cried myself to sleep on both nights.
  71. The worst day in my life was September 11, 2001.
  72. I’ve dated (with dating being more than two dates and a time period of more than three months) an individual from almost every profession. I’m only missing astronaut. There might be more that just don’t come to mind.
  73. I do not have cable or satellite television; I find the advertising most taxing too my intelligence.
  74. My job and my hobby collided when I was twenty-five. That was when I went into software for a living.
  75. I’ve been at the same company for sixteen years.
  76. I love driving and am a back roads junky.
  77. An ideal vacation to me is a camera, a car and an open road.
  78. I have had the extreme blessing of having two Mom’s in this life; a biological and adopted.
  79. My biological Mom died when I was nineteen.
  80. My adopted Mom lives in Ohio.
  81. I love my Mom.
  82. I’d gladly take my own life to save the ones I love.
  83. I like giving more than getting but getting feels good too.
  84. I’m a proud member of the ACLU.
  85. I write poetry.
  86. I sing out loud when I’m listening to a song I like.
  87. I can’t sing.
  88. I love to dance despite the fact I look like a brainless chicken on steroids doing it.
  89. I can count the number people I call true friends on two hands.
  90. I love tattoos.
  91. I don’t like smoking.
  92. I think tobacco executives are sociopaths.
  93. I hate oil companies.
  94. I loath car companies that make it so expensive to buy electric or hybrid cars that they remain out of reach of the general populace.
  95. I play lots of video games.
  96. I do not believe video game violence leads to real life violence.
  97. I have four computers: two for work, one media server and one desktop.
  98. My electric bill is outrageous.
  99. I still have laser discs and a laser disc player.
  100. I love dragons.
  101. I’m a Star Trek fan.
  102. I like Star Wars too.
  103. My favorite place is the beach.
  104. I love watching the stars and counting the satellites.
  105. I wonder what the world would be like if all the hate was gone?
  106. I like porn.
  107. I love languages and studying them.
  108. I abhor racism.
  109. I understand where prejudices come from.
  110. I know that I might wake up tomorrow and all these opinions may be out the window.